Dentist Mount Juliet Second Opinions

Second Opinions

Need A Second Opinion?


Have you been told you need a great deal of dental work and not sure if it's accurate? Are you unsure of what has been presented or concerned if the cost of treatment is reasonable. Have you been to a corporate dental office that tells you have 8 cavities when you previously had none and they are ready to do work on the spot as well as able to finance your treatment before you have had time to process their recommendations?


Look no further and consult with Dr.Glasmeier about your dental needs as well as your concerns. Dr.Glasmeier has a great deal of expertise and will be able to decipher your treatment in a conservative manner so you understand the difference between the dental treatment that is "needed" and "wanted."


If you have current X-rays (within the past 6 months) as well as a treatment plan, Dr.Glasmeier will offer you a complimentary exam and treatment plan. If you have no previous treatment plan/X-rays, we will provide all the X-rays you need along with a comprehensive exam for $49.


For additional details, please call our office and we will be more than happy to help any way we can. We guarantee you will appreciate his conservative approach and willingness to explain things in a manner that you can understand and be confident in your decisions!